Monday, September 14, 2009


The Masonic Lodge
Our home away from home!
This is the home of our dear friends the Mason's, where we recently stayed.This is the place we frequented, drank, played, LAUGHED and even lived at one stage,
back in the good ol days when we lived in Werris Creek.
Heres a few more pic's from our recent trip up to Tamworth. At the scrap retreat saturday night was the mad hatters part and I made this looovely outfit (with a bit of last minute help from my friends! LOL). I didnt wear it much because I had an amazing super model by the name of Marnie who made the room her catwalk and strutted her stuff in my creation! ( thanks gal!).

More farty than arty! LOL
My darling hubby with our dearest friends Denise and Greg. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this couple...I love them to bits and my kids worship them and their son Jesse. Not vey often in life do you meet someone who makes an impact on your life like these two have. Denise is like a best friend, sister and angel to me and has proved it on so many occassions. !(mainly by saving my children from their mother! LOL)
I hope that she knows she she means the world to all of us, especially me!
This is Denise's tipee. she loves everything indian, I think it started with the philosophy but then we all started giving her indian stuff and now she has her wigwam. I LOVE IT! IT IS COLOURFUL &  SO VERY HER!
Hubby to this shot for posperity to prove that the can be still and love each other! LOL
cacti... a many splendid thing!
Denise has so many little nooks and crannys filled with little bits of love.
Uncle Keith's Place
Uncle Keith, Denise's lovely Uncle spent his last months siting here looking out at the hills.
The gateway to gods own country or should I say....
the Godess's own country!


Julie said...

OHHHHHH I loved your hat!!!! So much work in it. I wonder what next ears camp theme will be hummmmmm :)

Anonymous said...

oh what i model you had too. she had the best bod out pmsl. hey i had to show off all that hard work. it looks so impressive in real life.