Friday, September 11, 2009


Firstly, I want to justify this post by saying...
Secondly, I'd like to say:
If anyone out there knows how to get thick plumes of smoke out of your house (before my DH gets home!) and remove the stench of charcol from the curtains, furniture and most importantly Patterned Paper
email me ....NOW!!!

Finally, I'd like to say ....

Never surf utube music video's whilst cooking
grilled cheese on toast!!!!

( okay, so there was no fire persay,
and it was more glowing embers than flames
but trust me on the smoke I can barely see the monitor!!!)

This Marcy Moment was sadly bought to you by Marcy's house of of Madness!!!


Bronnie T said...

Hi Marcy.
I once (and once is enough) almost burned down the flat Gary and I first rented when we were married, by deep frying chips in oil on the hot plate while I ironed. Next thing I knew my husband was yelling my name as he came through the front door while dark thick smoke bellowed out the front door. The oil was too hot and had caught fire. Next day I went out and bought a deep fryer.
You're not alone. Stay cool


LOL but NOT LOL!!!! How did that old add go "omgoodness the chips" dont worry when I was a kid we used to say that to our mum as a joke when she did chips...till she actually did set fire to the kitchen one night ...with the chips!!!

Anonymous said...

well i dont think i will be doing soot stamping with you pmsl. u r a dag girl. glad u and the kids are fine though , hungry but fine lol.