Monday, May 11, 2009

SLOTHIN' OUT!!! and my attempt @ humour!!!

Here we are at the start of a new week, the start of a new round of 7 Deadly Sins at read here or bellow about it but whatever you do don't be slothful... get an entry in. We're all having a blast...don't forget to checkout the gallery.

Sloth- Originally the sin of sadness or despair. The modern meaning - a sin of laziness or indifference, of an unwillingness to act, to care.
This week we want you to scrap pictures of you, your husband, your kids, your dog, whatever! lazing around doing nothing-sleeping, playing Wii, crashed on the couch!
The Challenge-
Use 2 handmade embellishments on your LO, one must be made from a non traditional scrapping product
Technique that must be used is Stitching
Monochromatic Layout Color- Light Blue.
You have until 8am Saturday May 16th to load your entries to the gallery in the Sloth layout…don’t waste time, don’t sloth about..get creating!

Here's my inspiration for you ! LOL

My handmade embellishments are the flowers, one of the embellishments had to be made from a non scrapping item. I used two non scrapping items to sandwich a kaiser flower with. Okay not technically correct but it just happened and I thought it looked good! LOL

here's how they originally started...

Mate talk about getting carried away ....did someone say "stitching" as a feature! RAOTFL three and half skeins of embroidery thread later. Can u tell this is my "thing" atm. Nothing looks finished to me without a stitch or two ...or five hundred! I love the end look of this layout but it has a back ground story of tragedy to tell....
once upon a time there was this scrappychick... (LOL)
( and if you a scrapper from the Creative Memories school, you know thou shall not injure or risk the photograph in any way, you may wish to stop reading now as the following content may traumatise some CM consultants! LOL)
IF YOU apply household BLEACH ( that's right I said bleach people! ) to your photo for artistic effect make sure you wash it off completely to stop the erasing process!!!! (gasp!) Other wise... well the photo below is what I had based my layout on, false thinking that this pic was waiting safely in reserve just to throw on the layout...
well imagine my surprise....

Where is the room, my family etc!???

here's how it should be done to good effect

( keep your eyes opened I've got plans for this pic!)

So after choice words were said I spent three hours wading through my files looking for the picture to a hurry!


OKay, what was I to do (more choice words! LOL) ...

can you keep a secret?

Sad but true we had to have a reenactment wasn't Saturday but we could pretend... the kids were an easy sell, it was DH I was worried about. But I wasn't giving in on this page. It had to be the way I planned! So trying hard not to look at hubby, I called the kids explained what I wanted them to do.

Still avoiding looking at hubby I called "places everyone". The kids were smiling and laughing... just maybe it wasn't as crazy as it seemed. Just maybe it was going to be okay.. ..and then I did it. Like that Greek chick who got turned to stone! I had to look! There was the look on Dh's face I had dreaded that look that said "are you really serious? This is a tad bit obsessive and you are loosing your marbles darl" and... I was stone!

Grinning sheepishly I said " yep I know!"..." just go with the flow it, wont hurt I promise!" LOL I regathered my faculties and re focused on the job at hand...

this kid sit forward , this kid sit back, that kid stop pickin' your nose! And I took the photo. 8 of them, in fact! just to be sure !

Half an hour later, while victoriously printing the pictures out, I felt a sense of relief. I'd stared down non artistic Mr commonsense & logic and and like a giant band aide of dread I'd ripped it off , & it only stung a little bit!!!

All's well that ends well !I got what I wanted, learnt some valuable lessons and best of all.... now nothing much I do in the future will come as a surprise to DH!!! LOL

As a footnote to this story the picture is completely factual, errr umm in what it conveys...("its the vibe of it" to quote DH's favourite movie, The castle), this is indeed an example of the perfect slothful Saturday that I long for and occasionally get to enjoy. Surrounded by the kids, enjoying the cartoons!

I love it most of all, in winter when the rest of the worlds freezing and the delicious warm afternoon sun comes streaming through the french windows. You cant see them in the picture but right beside me and my favourite plush recliner!!! Unfortunately, sometimes the suns glare leads you to have to make the tough decision to abandon your"research" ( reading the scrappin mags) so that's when you've been left with no other option but to .... have a SLEEP! raotfl!

I've got more to tell you all about, I have to show you all the latest work but it'll have to be tomorrow as I promised myself an early night, the first night in weeks! I thought it was time although I've become so nocturnal! I havent sprouted wings yet but was starting to worry I'm developing radar to guide me round the dark house, in the wee hours and have this overwhelming the urge to sleep upside down. LOL


Gnight all.


MrsDB said...

Hi Marcy, love your LO & especially the story, made me LOL, I have a friend who is a CM consultant & is shocked at what I do when Im creating, so I can relate ;) .

Kirsty said...

OMG!!!! Soooooo funny!!!! Love love love the story behind this fabulous LO