Sunday, May 17, 2009


Four squares of chocolate and two cups of coffee later
(okay six squares! we can see how I cope with stress!!!) we go again! LOL

The next installment of

is underway....

The 5th challenge is GREED

Greed –The sin of excess, greedy behaviour. Wealth, scavenging and hoarding of objects are a few of these behaviours
How many is too many?? What is your obsession?? Is it shoes, bags, jewellery?? We want you to scrap about your “greedy” obsessions. What do you have so many of, that its become out of control?
The Challenge must include:
Journaling in List Form
Stamping Technique
Black/Yellow/White only

LOs must be loaded to the gallery by Saturday 22nd May, 10.00am.
You have a little bit longer this week.

Here's my Layout:

Pink paisy, doodlebug and Rusty pickle PP, Prima collage, Bella, scrapworks(?) and Sassafrass lass Stamps, Maya road rubons, Wicked princesses tag, transparency, plastic flower, yellow and clear embossing powder.

Journaling reads:

I have to confess, I have a needy greedy little obsession with
collecting stamps! Not the boring kind that you get form the post office but the creative rubber, unmounted and acrylic kinds that you can lovingly stockpile! LOL I love the their versatility! Most of all, I love them on sale, which is how I’ve managed to accumulate so many over the years. I love looking at them all lined up on the shelf just ready to be the perfect finishing touch .
I was once told “All that paper and those rub on things, you use them once and they’re gone. It makes more sense and I rather see you buy stamps because you can use them over and over again” That was all the encouragement I needed...geez, I bet DH wishes he’d never said that!

The challenge asks for the use of a stamp technique, I used a few.

The background was created with what I think you call a resist technique. In this layout, a Prima collage stamp was used to stamp multiple images over the cardstock, with a stazon watermark pad which is like an ink pad but instead of a coloured ink it stamps a clear sticky image that you sprinkle embossing powder over. The embossing powder sticks only to the sticky image then you heat it up with a heat gun and the powder melts into a raised glossy image. In this case it was a clear gloss that I then washed yellow ink over. Where the stamp was stayed white protected by the clear embossing and the rest of the page goes yellow with the ink.

I also embossed yellow stitching onto a home made transparency . A tricky little exercise combining a heat gun with plastic transparency! LOL

I also stamped an image onto the plastic flower the centre of which I had covered with paint.

Talking of hoarding I am a colossal hoarder from a long line of hoarders ( hi to my darling Dad...when are we garage sailing next?) We prefer not to see it as a disability ( probably as we cant control it! ha) We, like miggets who now wish to be know as little people, choose to refer to ourselves not as hoarders but as "thrifty"! There are a million pages I could create on all my thrifty collections which have now spilled out of the office, out of the house and are now currently threatening to take over the shed! Boy, when I get some spare time to do some altered items I've got ALOT of options!

I digress back to the layout, I just wanted to gloat... oh I mean make mention of the little plastic flower as one of my many thrifty treasures...I told all the doubting Thomas's when I swooped in and collected it and others out of the Christmas 2007 Bon Bon's it would come in handy one day! Now Thomas's who's laughing at whom!!!!

oh and the yellow plastic coated wire holding it on....recycled from the kids Easter bonnets 2008!!! RAOTFL


Now if your reading this my dear friends... I expect you to have a crack as this As this weeks sketch comes from Moi! LOL

Here's my example:

here's the sketch I actually think it would be nicer smaller and centered in the middle of a page ...but you know me I scrap the way I talk, alot and right to the limits! LOL

Okay that'll do donkey...

as DH has taken 2 out of three boys to his Dad's farm this weekend so I can do abit of scrappin with my new DT kit and I'm fast running out of time to finish everything! It's a trade off...I'm not sure I've won. in return for myself time....a camping trip next weekend in the bush...hmmm how did I get talked into this eh?

WHOOPS forgot just a snippet of a sneak peak at some ATC's I've just finished.

I love em they're so cute! Kinda corny but cute!

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Tanya said...

Love your Greed layout Marcy! I can relate to the stamping addiction ;) Great sketch too!