Saturday, February 28, 2009


LOOK WHAT I GOT FROM MY DH.... CHOCKIES AND FLOWERS!!! Poor dave just got some PP creation and a set of non stick egg rings! (he likes cooking he didnt beat me with them or anything!raotf ) 14 years Dave and I have been married as of Wednesday just gone! I didn't forget to mention this but was saving the good for last today. We have been together 20 years!!! Yes we were very young when we started out together, I was 15 and he was 17 almost 18!!! I had a lovely anniversary evening... I went to a parent teacher interview and did the groceries! We promised ourselves we'll have dinner out next week!

love this pic! I actually still have the first rose DH gave me when he was DB. I pressed it and mounted it on a board and..... (ahem) covered it with contact! LOL I think I was 15 at the time!

Actually I got two perfect roses and a box of Darrell Lee...spoilt!

(yes as you can see by the vase we don't drink much spirits here! LOL


(some images may disturb some viewers!)

The First shot is my all time fav we'd probably been together for a year or so and I found out quickly this "towny" would have to learn farm work if she wanted to spend time with her boyfriend! On the farm it was always work first so this picture was taken on our way down to teach me how to milk a cow!!! How romantic! I loved that day, I think Dave's mum may have even taken this picture!
This picture says it all acne, awkwardness, home made spiral perm!!!!

This is me and my handsome husband....

when we still had our youthful appearence....

we only had one boy then!

Here we are now could be a more flattering shot

but the control freak had to be in front of the camera she even forgot to smile! LOL

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Anonymous said...

what the????????? are they nuts not picking you darls. oh well that means you can teach me more lol. congrats to the other ladies....

arent you two a gorgeous couple. congrats on your anniversary. mwah