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(scroll down to see party pic's and the Birthday card I created for the occasion!)

What can I say we got home a few hours ago from an over night stay in Temora to celebrate my Pop Tim turning 85 (its actually on Tuesday). On Saturday night, approximately 40 of his nearest and dearest all got together at his local "the Shamrock Hotel" to dine and honour his birthday. It was a LOVELY night, he enjoyed the party and the overwhelming number birthday wishes. He is a wonderful old timer, a war veteran, a retired builder and a wonderful Pop Great pop and a friend to many. I am so happy he had such a lovely time, not many 85 year old's party on till 1am + !!! He did better than us youngun who pulled up stumps at midnight! He is an amazing bloke, fitter than I, he still carts wood, (mum said last year he carted 7 tonne just for them!) fox shoots for local farmers and has turned his backyard into a giant veggie patch where he grows veg for half the people in town. He also makes the greatest Tomato relish, he really is a marvel! I love him to bits!

Here's the card I made for him!

I made this card for him. I loved it as it was all Pop browns blues and greens! The message in it was so true too. He said he thought it was lovely so I was happy and that was all I needed. I used canvases joined together with Daisy D hinges (love em!) I used Kaiser papers and Basic grey stickers and PP. I also used some gorgeous embossed aluminum with I painted and inked! The inside features a pocket to keep his many cards and gift vouchers in from the night all safely tucked away and kept inside with a hidden magnetic clasps.

I decided to add "a couple" more photo's particularly for our upperstate and overseas bloggy viewers! LOL

Here's Pop, Jarred and Connor (my youngest two) and my great Aunt.

My Mother, the master of the universe...oh um I mean the Master of ceremonies,

(joke JOY-ce!)

At the "shamrock" I'm not sure who was born first the "Shamy" or Pop but they've been acquainted for a very long time! He pretty much holds V.I.P status there for the fact he's so well loved by everyone who goes the and for the fact he's been going there for a very long time. My Mum, Dad Nan and Pop used meet once a week there back in the day when mum would wheel me in in a pram and that was at least some thirty years ago!

Pop, Uncle Reg, Aunty Del and Pop's neighbour of about 50 years and possibly his greatest fan!

Tianna (granddaughter inlaw?) and Pop's Great Granddaughter Annicka.

I wish I'd been quick enough to get the full picture here. In shot is Pop and Angus Murphy but just outside the frame is Connor Smith. There were speaches and a few people had some lovely things to say but then room then got all quiet and shy. That is until my mum called for final comments, Connor (my 7 yr old) piped up and said " i have a couple things to say about Pop birthday....IT'S AWESOME!"

The room errupted in to clapping and cheering it was so sweet & I was so proud of him!

Here's Pop with his great grand child Daniel (My eldest seen here in the black Shirt)
and his honorary great granchildren, Jack and Sarah Murphy.

Grandchild and one of Pop's greatest mates, Mathew Flint.

(nah nah Matty got your pic, despite the protests... "Marcy paparazzi"1 -Matty none! LOL)

Now for those who haven't heard the story this week was not exactly all happy for Pop.
A man from the RTA in his ultimate wisdom (or should I ignorance) put Pop through a nerve wracking driving test that all people his age have to go through. A flawless driver for 64 years made a couple of mistakes under pressure and they took his licence off him. People all over town are outraged, as is his family, they all know him as he makes his rounds in the little blue Suzuki and no one can believe it.

This war veteran and widow is as fit as a fiddle and keeps himself happy and healthy by doing constantly for others. He carts wood, tonnes of it for little old ladies and war widows all over town who wouldn't have any otherwise. In a week he does visits to the sick in the local hospital, delivers free fresh produce he's grown in his garden all over town to those who are in need and is the highlight of the week for an old mate confined to a nursing home who he rescues for a day. All this is only possible because of Pop huge heart and .....his licence!

I am so sad for him and he was fairly upset but has decided that he can live with this "temporarily borrowed " Celebrity deluxe motor scooter! I never thought I'd see it but he's even had a laugh at the P plates we snuck onto it as a joke on Sunday before he went home. He didn't leave before all the little kids did some circle work with him in the driveway! And yes Pop we can see it does look like it can do 12 kmph on the straight! LOL

Lets hope he has some joy when he appeals to get his licence back in a month!

And then it was time to go home...

It was a big weekend and to0 much for some worn out party animals! LOL

So cute!!!!!!!!

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