Monday, November 14, 2011


Sorry my poor dear neglected blog….
Well I have neglected the old bloggeroo partially due to arty action
and in part because of my new addiction…. Reading! LOL

Who knew at 38^7%257ISH one could fall in love with reading books again. I can honestly say since I stopped reading sweet valy high romance novels in my mid teens I have never found books of a non artful nature compelling….

It began about two months ago I think I may have mentioned the PERCY JACKSON series my 14 year old son Daniel got me hooked on … I thought it was just the greek mythology/modenday fantasy combination that had me because I have always LOVED Greek and Egyptian Mythlogy since the very first old classic movie they showed us at school…”Jason and the Argonauts” made in 1963

I have just finished reading the 5 th novel in the series I think there are more to come …I hope there are more to come there better be Mr Rick Riordan!!!

My sister is responsible for my latest spell of obsessive reading. She sent Daniel a book called “THE HUNGER GAMES” by Suzanne Collins which has many great reviews and high recommendation including praise from Stephen King. I resisted reading it even though Daniel kept thrusting it under my nose say “go onnn you know you want to! “ and I read the back cover where it described children put into an arena to fight for their lives in an almost post apocoliptic world which to me sounded down right depressing so passed on it a number of times should have stuck with that thought. LOL

Once I got into the first book I would say about 3 or 4 chapters in I was hooked . The descriptive nature of the writing, the emotional investment in the characters, the plot development , the possibility of good triumphing over evil… oh and lets not forget a good ol fashioned love triangle thrown in for good measure! I could barely put it down I read the first novel in about 4 days. Soon realising I was in trouble and would probably …die if I didn’t get my eyes into the next one post haste.

So when Daniel handed me the second novel yesterday at breakfast CATCHING FIRE I was excited thought it would make great bed time reading over the next week or so…. How wrong could I get I was totally suckered in from the first page and finish all 473 pages… by breakfast this morning!!!! (and still managed the family washing and to feed and water the children!) WOW what a great writer my eyes just gorged themselves on chapter after chapter… the twists and turns of fanstacy, romance and danger…. I have actually decided to not buy the last book until our next holidays where lolling about devouring novels is an accepted pass time …gee I hope I can wait that long!!! LOL

the final book in the series to go!
well I will definately have to read the last book before....


 I have been playing along a bit with a Facebook group called Artistic Journey Dolls
organised by the lovely Linda Baldock .
It involves the making, showing, sharing and swaping art dolls of all matter and description with other like minded people from the USA and England.

The most recent theme was "The Animal In Me"

  I love this group because its so free each theme unless stated otherwise,
is completely open to your own interpretation.
Whatever medium you would like and 80+ woman participate.

So I originally started with a wild Motherhood creature. I creature who had mutated to be the perfect mother part mother part lioness, 8 arms and eye in the back of head the wisdom to see all and know all. Sounded great then made my interptation and though… hmmm she is ment to be a lioness to “guard her cubs” …hmmm I put a maine on her….hmmm lions have maines NOT Lioness’s ….oh DOH!!! You dick marcy! ( I really did say something similar to myself cept bluer! LOL)

The whole time I was making her she was speaking differently to me I couldn’t help thinking wood nymph probably because I was reading about a wood Nymph in my PERCY JACKSON novel . A Dryaid called Juniper and I just kept thinking about her . So as I looked at my theoyretical error with the lions maine I decide dang shes a wood nymph and I just didn’t know it! So I rip off some arms and add some twigs to her hair dress yer appropriately and look at her and that’s what she was all along! LOL How that animally enough! LOL Nymphs are known for their insights into nature and are quite prophetic in their role through mythology so the eye in the back of her head is fitting as she can see all clearly in her woods in all dirrections!

so she needs a name so I'll just call her “Juniper”
She is made from scratch and is mainly jointed with wire.
Shes created out of air dry paper clay, painted then covered in a synthetic fibre.
The idea being to create the look of a pelt type skin.
Her hair is made of wool, dolls hair and twigs from a halloween broom! LOL
Her  dress is chanel ....
ha ha just kidding its scrap leather I wet scrunched up
then let dry and wiped Tim Holtz distress Ink over to pick up the creases.

Shes presently on her way to England to live with KRISTEN BOLTON.
Be back soon with my


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Kristi uk said...

Marcy!! Your Nymph/lion doll Juniper arrived today. I just LOVE her and feel so blessed to have one of your creations here in England. Thank you so very much.. Hugz, Kris x