Friday, October 14, 2011


As soon as I saw the BO BUNNY TIMEPIECE range I was in love!
Those gorgeous chicks at  Scraptivate sent me nearly the whole range and stamps and all I was ecstatic.
So much so I've spent a month and half just playin with a couple of sheets!!! LOL
Well kind due if I am honest to a bit of scrappin slum, school holiday laziness and oh and a little of that "sheshh to do I have to cut it!" 

So I hope you love Timepiece as much as me cause I am determined to use it all...
just one tantalizing bit at a time and have a number of things planned for it.

on with the show....

I cut this DIECUT sheet into three component parts. Outer circle I didn't mount, just inked. circle frame I mounted onto about two cms high onto three layers of cork tile. Finally the  inner circle , the paper with the numbers on it,  I mounted onto a single layer of cork tile. now inside that was the centre circle (you keepin up! ;) ) which I kept aside and mounted my photo on sticking it down as the first layer on to the bazill cardstock.


I painted the cork tile and added GERMAN SCRAP Embossed Baroque Border to the inner and outer cork circle. It is a glossy coated paper embellishment which loves painting, embossing or most especially a rub over of gold wax called Rub and Buff as I have done here.

 To boost the layering and hold up my clock images I used air dry paper clay
to get the height as seen bellow:

I have also been on a bit of a trip combing the Internet for different ways to make flowers I try to share what I find on SCRAPTIVATES NING COMMUNITY FORUM  the links for the tutorials to make more flowers are there. Here are the links for these flowers

this has the most awesome flower techniques on it only one issue takes 20 minutes
to get to and its a bit flowery and fluffy
(shhh I think Rhonna Farrar drank WAY TO MUCH coffee this day! )
but I think worth suffering alittle for your art! LOL

PLEASE NOTE: my flowers are VERY loosely based on these cornflowers Claire has made.
At the bottom of her blog there are the most popular tutorial blog links are so there are probably more flowers to be learnt if you have the time to wander through the blog ...

This chick is AMAZING!!!! This is an awesome link to a very patient TALENTED paper quiller.

If you speak Koren her blogs probably an absolute no brainer. If your like me, a very yokel Australian and English is your only language  you will need some patience. There is a translator button that turns stuff into English but sadly somethings definitely lost in translation BUT the pictures are EASY to follow and there are probably alot more flowers to be learnt if you have the time to wander through her blog.
The flowers I looked at were DEFINITELY worth it.

The die cut I used to make the layout displayed here is for sale HERE at SCRAPTIVATE along with a wide range of the Bo Bunny papers including Add lib, Gabrielle, Gypsy, Vicki B and many more including the most adorable kids range called Blast off for the wee adventures in our life who like rockets ships and the like! They even have small 6x6 paper pads  in couple of the ranges so you can have a nice lil affordable taste of the whole enchilada!

I am currently elbow deep in another favourite paper brand at the moment.... CRATE PAPER! They make the greatest versatile papers I have camo, wood grain and playful vintage papers here atm but you can use them in so many ways!!!  SHHH secretly I think I love em at the moment because just between you and me they are a little sassafras lassy in their patterning! Yee gawds if a non scrapbooking person read that line they have no clue what I was talking about!!! LOL

I also have a staggering number of UFOs half done including two clay dolls, numerous layouts (***smacks forehead N blushes*** one I found dated back about 5years ago !!!) two art journals and a fortune telling machine. oh and a gift I just realise was started as a birthday present for someone last year and might make it to them for this birthday ... OMG so embarrassed its not like I work or have a social life so I have no excuses!!! ANYONE KNOW A CURE FOR GUNNADOITIS????? NO SERIOUSLY I am sick of getting the greatest ideas and being the slowest cab of the rank!!! Any one would think I was ADBLOODLYD oh why couldn't I have got the H factor I've seen how well that works for wannabee artists!!! shhh ...actually a lazy TVnBEJEWELLED addicted  perfectionist I think ...LMAO

Anyway ...shutting up now!
so much for my resolution not to make crackin long blog posts
cause I do suspect they are a turn off and no body ever reads to the bottom !!!
It felt good to have done a "proper"  DT write up though!!!LMAO

Till next time

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