Sunday, July 31, 2011


As soon as I saw this collection I LOVED it. Its so versatile! You can go with the heritage overtones or change the focus emphasise the red, the clocks to make it more modern or quite easily go grunge.

It tried using it with some gold for a layout about my grandmother despite the masculine tones, and its beautifully classic vintage. Fair to say I really love most Bo Bunny papers of late so I was ecstatic when a range of these papers and the timepiece acrylic stamp set arrived in my package from SCRAPTIVATE.

CLICK HERE to see the latest Gorgeous Bo Bunny ranges.....

Basic Grey acrylic leaf stamps.
I have a couple of more vintage layouts in the works so I decided to have a
 little play with a canvas I had laying around.
I have also been trying to teach myself how to make fabric flowers and this weird mixed media
flower spin off came out of this floral phase I am going through….

heres how it came about...
I wanted red roses but had no red satin. I had long observed the skin acrylic paint made usually when I forgot to cover the paint up and let it dry (doh) I have always thought (probably weirdly??? LOL) that something could be done with that rubbery acrylic you had to throw out… Soooo cut a long story short I spread acrylic paint in a "ribbon like"  line across a non stick surface and waited till it dried and using some of the fabric flower techniques I fashioned a rose from it.

Why stop there I decided and had a little think…..
In my head popped the silicon non stick mini cupcake patty cases here that never get used. (Cmon MINI cupcakes! If you’re gunna have cupcakes make mine a maxi thanks!) I worked out that normal acrylic paint could be used but didn’t have the flexibility that the Jacard Luminere acrylic paints did. So I poured some paint into the patty case turning it on its side and rotating it till covered the inner wall of the patty case. I covered the bottom gave it a little blast with the heat gun then left it to dry for an hour. Then I tipped the patty cases upside down and left them for a while then came back and put the heat gun on them. I left them overnight and turned them out the next day and volia a Patty cake flowers.

the one above was a reject but gives you an idea of the rippled effect.

I made some leaves to go with it with brown acrylic paint and a Basic Grey leaf stamp. Through in a couple of leafy chipboard pieces which I coloured with my awesome Ranger paint dabbers.


Co incidentally this has all happened as I have been learning about image transfer, a commonly used mixed media/ collage technique, that is usually used to incorporate printed images into an artwork. There are a number of IMAGE TRANSFER methods and different ways to use them.

For example, combining and or altering a magazine picture into an art journal page, a computer printed image onto a canvas or an image onto clay glass or tiles. The two main forms are direct transfer or gel skin transfer. This canvas was an experiment with collage and gel skin image transfer.

Here the clock was cut out of The Bo Bunny patterned paper and the verse printed onto patterned paper then they were given a heavy coat of Claudine Hellmuth Studio multi medium gloss. Wonderful stuff!!!!
Available at SCRAPTIVATE!!!   Claudine Hellmuth Studio multi medium glosstranslation a high quality gel medium. Golden gel medium is availiable at SCRAPTIVATE and works well too!

 Claudine Hellmuth Studio brand is creamy and luscious and can be used as glue, a sealer or glaze, to stretch out your acrylic paints (make em runnier, translucent and glossier) and for …image transfers. Ordinarily a face to face or direct image transfer requires a layer of gel medium and then image to be placed face down onto it and rubbed to ensure full contact.

The image is the left to dry and then ripped up leaving the image in reverse behind often you have to rub off the paper just to leave the image ink layer behind imbedded into the gel medium. This is great for collage works for art work heavy in colour and abstract design. Often the image left behind is so think its transparency lets the background colours or patterns through which can give an interesting some times “ghostly” effect. I love that with image transfer I can use and alter old pictures, magazine images and images off scrapbooking papers.

One of the direct image transfer problems though is that it leaves the image reversed. This doesn’t work well with words or ….BO BUNNY CLOCK PAPER! LOL

I NEEDED the clock numbers not to be back the front! So I employed another type of image transfer where a picture is top coated with gel medium and left to dry. Then when dry the backing paper is dampened and gently rubbed off just leaving a “skin” of the gel medium with the images ink imbedded in it.

The beauty of this is its often still has that transparent quality to it and the image is still as it was printed and not reversed. So this is what I did with the clock and the text. With hindsight I liked the lack of the “strip” journaling look to the text but, the readability I found was a bit obscured by the busy background but... live and learn. The other great part of gel skins is you can make them well ahead of time ready to use and less likely to have missing bits of image unlike regular image transfer…

Tune back in now....

Now if all of that sounded confusing or overwhelming complicated ….
there are A LOT of learning links on the internet
that will describe the process much better than me
or better still if your anything like me …You Tube clips that will show you.

You can just type image transfer into Google
Milliandes Art community has links to afriginmazing technique video clips
and is a constant source of inspiration and learning for me.


Otherwise I have been posting all my useful links
pages in an effort to create a link library. I started the thread to entertain a lady in our forum who’d hurt her back and couldn’t scrap. I suggested to her while she recovered she could load up with technique videos and tutorials. The thinking she needn’t have to sit in a hard chair to watch them, but she could still keep in touch with her beloved scrapping. Also I thought a link library would save everyone all that wasted time trolling through the internet looking for information  …causeId already done it for them! LOL

I am encouraging anyone & everyone to post their own favourite links but alas…
so far …
I am the most wondrous best lookin contributor and...
oh did I mention only contributor! LOL

Never mind,
if you see anything flowery on my blog for the next ten years chances are
the tutorial or video link to where I learnt how to make it

Okay well that s pretty much it today,
I am so chock full of ideas at the moment and have projects
forming faster than my energy and hands can keep up with
so hopefully the blog won’t be so neglected in the near future.



Mel Connell said...

you my dear are just far too clever for words! freaking love these techniques!!!!! ummm why are you not demoing this stuff at something like cha???

you should seriously try to get on some kinda medium/paint dt honey xxxx

Natalie Wolfe said...

Awesome stuff!,,, You rock luv, and your DT project this months is one of my favourites for sure!,,,