Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've been a Bad bad blogger chick....

I've been a Bad bad blogger chick.... can I buy back all your love with flowers???? LOL

well I have been awol for a while but thought I better get back to the land of the living. We've been suffocating in happily emersed in school holidays here ( I can brag now cause we've almost made it through without a fatality! LOL) but lucky for me life goes back to normal as of monday. I have a world of creative "stuff" to get into and am very much looking forward to tackling it all. Not that I havent enjoyed it...just looking forward to some uninterupted hours without being shot in the head by nerf darts, being treated as the refferee of a boxing  or the manager of a 24 hour cafe! :) ...I know ...I know an all too wise lady reminded me "they're are only small once, and grow up all too soon" ...she must have gotten to me and that must be why with just days to go I decided to paper mache with two 7 year olds...PMSL...stay tuned for those pic's!

Firstly, I just finished a guest Design spot a TWIDDLEYBITZ. I do ( as you may have noticed!) love their stuff and Nicole and Andrew were very good and generous to me. An extra special thankyou and big hug to the wonderful Tiff Sawyer. A pleasure to meet, who helped me through the processes with nothing but kindness and a big cybersmile. Very much appreciated and very impressive considering unbeknown to me, a close family member of Tiff's was extremely ill throughout this time, I hope I wasnt to big of a headache for her ( shhh I'm not real puter savvy sometimes!) THANKYOU MISS TERIFF!!!

I would have liked to get more done for them but found myself swampped in August with all manner of good and not so stuff. Not to complain but the whole family decided to get the "nasty" flu, just to be sure, TWICE EACH! LOL

Poor Daniel had an eventful  month and a bit ...he had two teeth taken out and found out he will need braces, went to the ENT specialist and is now awaiting his toncils out, got a preliminary diagnosis of scoliosis of the spine after CT scans (we await our specialist appointment and the possibility... we have decided not to talk about ...of a back brace) and is on his third round of antibiotics awaiting ....of all things an ingrown toenail to heal enough so they can take off his toenail! Poor kid!

On the positive side... BIG SHhhh...dont tell anyone he had a girl accept an invitation to a date to the local show (thats australian for the fair or a carnival for those OS! LOL) He very proudly and rather bashfully admitted to me , so cute....oh and he managed to notice her and she doesnt even play Warhammer, Halo online or Runescape! ( the jurys still out on whether shes a DR WHO fan and that could be rather important later down the track!!! LOL)

Only one small problem....her parents took her away down the south coast for school holidays and forgot to mention they were leaving a couple days before the show!!!! (insert "awwww and tiny violins HERE") LOL But all is not lost, as far as the mother knows because he cant seem to get off Facebook so I assume it became a cyberdate for now and he seems okay about it!

We rounded out the month with a car issue, a shocking shock apparently, which ment we were advised not to load up and travel down the coast for our holidays. So stay home we did and just to exact my revenge on fate I slept in till at LEAST 8am every morning unless my cafe or boxing ring screammed out for attention before then and I couldnt shout addacate instructions from my bedroom! LOL I did manage to sign away my dear husbands time and send him down the coast on his motorbike on a much deserved holiday ...with my parents ( ***giggle***) to help my Dad with his errection...of a 5 x 10 meter deck off their holiday house (just makin sure you all are paying attention *** snicker*** bad marcy! ) He had the first week down the south coast then came back and went back to work. poor darlin but geez the holiday house will be a great place to hang out next time we get down there. I can see us now eating crossiants on the deck overlooking the ocean!!! ( okayee overlooking the neighbours the road, the bushes the beach then the ocean...fussy fussy!) I havent got any pictures from the front of the house when it was finished but these will give you an idea...

If you look closely the house next to the top of the telegraph/lightpost with the red railing and turquoise eaves is mum and dads place. This pic was taken from out in Dad's boat with my FUJI sd8000 18x zoom from a couple km out to sea when we were fishing. ( yes darn babyboomers spending my inheritance! LOL good on em!)

this is their house taken on holidays a couple years ago

 heres the deck under construction

the glass balistrade going up

volia ....finished ....just waiting for us to visit!

cant wait for the next holidays!!!



sue schubert said...

what a view! can i come on holidays too!
they are not spending your inheritance, they are adding value to it! beach views= big real estate $

Kirsty said...

Ooooooooooh! I want a holiday there! Looks PERFECT!