Saturday, August 7, 2010


Daniel Davis Smith with my grandmother Olive Ballard

HUGE EXCITEMENT HERE! Daniel turned 13 and officially a teenager on Tuesday!!! As much as I am not ready for him to be a teenage he doesnt seem old enough on the flipside it seems like a lifetime ago that a 24 year old me delivered this boy. Born in Quirindi hospital I remeber so much of it in minute detail but almost in the third person. I guess the year will change you. He was born two weeks early but I'd been ready to meet him for much longer than that! Tiny little 7 lb5 oz has grown up to be taller than me already and wearing a mens size 9 already. The fact that he hit his head on the over head cupboards in our kitchen this week, which I can do, made me have to accept he has the height advantage now! LOL


Daniel with his grandparents 5th of August 2010 aged  exactly 13 years of age!

 On another note he made me very very proud, when  he won his age divison at a recent Warhammer club competition for ...PAINTING!!! THE COMBAT COMPANY awarded him a framed certificate and an incrediable prize pack incruding ....some verrry nice paint brushes I have told him he had better hide in case they go walk about during the night and mysteriously turn up covered in perfect pearls in ( ahem) my scrap room! LOL


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