Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm still alive,
just ....suffering   amidst school holidays!!! LOL
Today Jarred screamed every five minutes!!!
 It was like...

"Roll up! Roll up! See the new side show attraction...
the amazing mighty MASTER screaming machine!!!
Poke him watch him blow his top!!!

Today it would seem it was... big boys pick on little boys day.
Being the youngest is hard work sometimes, especially on mums ears!!!


I am all FIRED up with a head exploding with crafty ideas atm,
must have something to do with all that laying around last week! LOL

Two OTP projects underway I am really excited about both for
a guest design team spot with Twiddleybitz in September.

My 1st DT kit for The Stamping Queen is on its way

Bio's are up for us all on the TSQ BLOG.
Go check it out and laugh at me...I type too much! LOL
Dont forget to check back regularly
as Barb will announce how you go about entering each month
to win the entire design team collection for that month.
12 ATC's for you to swap share and love!
Just a lil pic of one of Jarreds newest friends....

boy!!! did he have fun...
scroll down...


No Lizards lost their gizzards
in the making of these pictures!

An exercise yard for "Lizzie" The container lizzies on was coincidental!!! LMAO
 I drew the line when Jarred had him in his top PJ pocket and was going to bed with his new friend! LOL

HOLIDAY FUN ...a 5 hour cupcake cooking session!


MASTER CHEF has alot to answer for....
On a rainy Monday, Mummy and Jarred played playdoh...
here we have Jarreds menu...
(as Jarred would have it!!)

One chicken casserole with diced carrot and lettuce?!
( I said yu mean cabbage ...ahhh nope LETTUCE!)
TWO desserts!!!

Gotta love the holidays


Anonymous said...

Marcy, I just love to read your blog posts,your witty ways, make my days...thanks for being you :)

Leanne said...

you are so it.. and love the masterchef.... and lovin the photos.. hope you are feeling alittle better.. lots of love and sugar. leanne

phatassphairy said...

great blogging ...i love your stories crack me up