Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Been either a bit busy or just plan feeling ordinary, had a few issues in the last month so havent been me stirring self ! LOL I have no idea where to start to update you all....hmmm How bout I show you what I've been up to and then go from there...
As I havent done a technique Tuesday for a while I'll include a couple of techniquie pic's as well (yes I know thats not a real word! LOL)
I've been playing dollies....

Introducing Angelica, Angelina and Angie my three scrapping angels
created with mannequin dolls used for sketching.
( I had to name them so I could label photo's! LOL)

 Products used: Basic Grey Bittersweet PP, Basic grey dollies, Making Memories PP, Kaiser gems, German scrap wings, Jones foils, Glimmer mist, clay, paint & twinking H2o watercolours, synthetic dolls hair and wool, fabric, lace and ribbon.

I've never made anything like this before I played with the idea at the Tamworth retreat but really needed a less "social" setting to plot them out. LOL! I created attempting to impress the gals at 3AS, where I've been hanging out and managed to score a guest DT spot for early next year. Checkout the link to the right here. I am really excited but more about that later!

I am so pleased with how these angels turned out.  I really enjoyed nutting it all out, the combination of synthetic hair that I got from Spotlight and my hot glue gun had me terrified but I devised a way of wrapping the hair around a board and running a line of glue on one edge and cutting the other creating individual hair pieces. I love how it turned out especially Angelina, whos hair was originally the same as the blonde angel, Angelica but before attaching it I straightened out the curls and I dyed it with pink Tim Holtz alchol ink and it worked a treat I think! Angie is my fav' because shes a little bit grungie, a bit hippie? Her hair I LOVE and you'll never guess it was a $1 ball of moda vera wool from spotlight! LOL Enough yappin' I am happy to answer any questions if anyone wants to post them here! :)

On upon a time there was one mad scrappychick (moi) who had it in mind to create a fairy from a wooden jointed sketch mannequin fairy became... before you knew it ...three guardian angels!!! LOL

I used a push mold and air dry clay to create the angel faces and then when dry painted the faces on. I gave all the girlies a flesh colour paint job and began to glue on the hair. This is a faceless Angelica who also had a hair cut after her hair was all attached. ( Hee HEE HEEE that was really fun took me back to my childhood days of attacking Barbie dolls with sissors! BAHAHAHA!!!Lorraine Mc Nuffis probably still working her way through the trouble we got into when we played "PUNK"  hair dressers with every barbie she and her sister owned! LOL)

We did have some scarey bad hair moments! RAOTFL

OMG naked angels!!!
I played with which doll should where what, made a set of clay wings but they were a bit clunky. I had a vague idea and as you can see I played around with the patterns.

Sorry about the pic but this was me creating the wings by Xyroning the paper wings the adhering them to acetate/transparency. I laided each sheet of tranparency over the original wings to get them all the same. I was a little wary of using the hot glue gun to attach the wings but
I had a low temp one so I got away with it! :)

 I loved making them, even though a couple people (DH) have given me a couple funny looks
and went "ah yep pretty, but I dont get it" to which I replied I dont get why you'd want
to climb a big scary mountain either but mount climbers do it
and I look on from afar with admiration...  husband darling!" LOL
Well, I hope you enjoyed look at them!!!

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