Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Got a couple little rough tid bits for all tonight. 
 I made this card for FATHERS DAY.
It's a bit rustic.
 As a card maker I'm good at ah ...well other things! LOL
 so here we go...

For this card I used these stamps:

Arent they the greatest!!! Check them all out at

1) I cut american crafts pp into a rectange then stamped this TV image onto it using stazon ink
(bit better than this one I am using as a demo! LOL) Then cut out the "screen". I used "crafty secrets stamps" These are a little hard to get and xxxy to buy here but omg
so great orginal design and clear crisp image I love em!!!
 (if anyone knows a shop that sells me!)

2) I made a brave decision ( or foolish ) and decided to cut up the transparency image that came with the stamp ( as it has its own storage container I've stamped the images in stazon to the inside of the container for reference) and I made a mask out of it by sticking it to a piece of cardstock and cutting the "screen out of the middle. Now this mask can be reused over and over to put what ever I want on the telly! (scroll down...)

3) To put some blokey things on TV. I cut out the patterned piece in step 1,
 now I am making a new screen with a coordinating plain paper ( other wise it would be too busy to see what was on telly. If you were just using a plain paper you wouldnt have to do this!) So I just cut a piece out that covered the opening and stuck it to the back.

4) Then carefully place the mask down carefully lining it up to your previously stamped TV.
Make sure your "screens" line up as acurately as you can.

5) As a wise person once told me "just wack it down" LOL
No! carefully place your precious stamp down
where you would like it to appear on the TV screen.

6) and Voila there you have the finished TV complete with sports channel! LOL

A couple more tips :
I used stazon to stamp my image as I knew I wanted to cover it with dimentional magic to give it the screen look and sometimes in the past, I have put DM over pigment ink and its bleed and /or  spread.

Store and keep the mask you make with your stamps and use it over and over again

When using small pieces of PP or images always make sure they are firmly stuck down before applying dimentional magic because they tend to buckle up  and warp if you apply DM befor you stick them into place. Making it very hard to stick them down without say....cracking a TV screen!!!! ( NOoooooo! Dont scroll back up and have a look at my card! LOL)

Oh while you're up there looking for my mistake, (raotfl) notice how I made my outside images point in to the middle of the card. I was told this is how you draw the onlookers gaze into the card and it put the emphasis on the square in the middle with the oh so true of any man title!

This principle works well on layouts as well, have your portraits "looking" into the centre of your page at the journalling and title. not a must but I have been known to print the odd picture back the front as it looked wrong in its original orientation. (ah did that sound as annal as it just read! ah well! The whack it and slap it down gals will get a laugh!)

And finally here's my man looking a little happy but crumpled on Fathers day morning.
I had his guitar restrung and bought him a new song book!
( I made DAMN sure it didnt have copperhead road in it!!!LOL)
Thanks for putting up with me and co parenting our darling children with me...
I know its not fathers day anymore but just  if you happen to be reading this
(even more than Timmy Holtz! LOL)


kchambo said...

Hey Marcy, As usual, you have put heaps of detail in everything you do. I wasn't sure about how to do the mask thing, but you have cleared it up. Thanks for that! I loved the ATC you did recently with alcohol inks, any chance of a tutorial in that? You seem to keep your colours all nice, but my seem to muddy or something. Am I over doing it? Whaddya reckon?


Tutorial? LOL A shoot and show... no worries coming to you soon! I have to da another one similar so sometime in the next couple weeks. So thrilled you like it With the alcohol inks its a play and see this was just done with dropping inks over each other no tools thats probably the diff' go here
for the man himselves tutorials if you havent seen them. give em a crack