Saturday, May 30, 2009



Gluttony – Is the overindulgence and over consumption of anything to the point of waste.
Use a picture of kids (or yourself) eating, stuffing their faces with food etc.
Choose 2 techniques from Distressing, inking/stamping, sewing, painting, doodling
Choose 6 different embellishments from chipboard, buttons, ribbon, bling, flowers, rub on, stickers, felt, brads, eyelets.
Use 4 different patterned papers
Must include the color orange

okay I didnt have a picture of me being a pig so I created the next best thing....

then I wanted to keep with my own little sub theme- the 7 deadly sins of scrapbooking.

So I made this....

I was a bit disappointed I thought my poem might have gone over differently. I thought I was a poet, maybe not and I didnt know it! LOL Maybe its all in the delivery! PP GLUTONY LOL even the title I thought was amusing! what do they say about small things...amuse small minds!

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