Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Here's my smallest angel! Sorry in this shot his halo
is a bit crooked, as what happens in real life on occassion! LOL
Heres a side profile this shows when the embelishment on the top of the frame is pulled up his halo and hidden journalling appear!
Here is a close up of the hidden journaling (Please excuse the flash in the glass) The journalling reads: "Once upon a time... there was an angel, one of three, he was the smallest. He was not always as angelic as he appeared, his gift lay in the joy he bought to those who loved him!"
This is Ella's Christening Keepsake Canvas card and my first attempt at quilting. It's padded as it has three functions ...Firstly its given as a card, secondly it had a built in pocket to keep the service sheet and other christening cards in and thirdly it came with small hooks to hang in Ella's room on her wall. I supplied MM decorative pearl head pins so a picture or pictures from the christening could be pinned to the quilted area


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Anonymous said...

my god marcy this is just outstanding. you are one very talented lady. i love it to bits